Permanent Fatal Error
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A folk, post-rock, alternative, experimental, free-rock, indie, post-punk
but mostly Deaf-blues project

Members / Olivier Manchion acoustic guitar, voice, organ, Giulio C. Vetrone classical guitar, Nicolas Marmin electronics, bass, Francesco Billét electronics, Franck Lantignac drums, Seb Martel electric guitar, Nicholas Thomas vibraphone.
News in brief / 2008, May 25. We recorded a new album late january, at Urs studio with Lionel Darenne. New P f e members are Seb Martel (M, Camille, Salif Keita...), Nicholas Thomas and my old partner Franck Lantignac (Ulan Bator). The album is under process. Performances have restarted. We just did Lyon Nuits Sonores and Grenoble La Bobine as manchion / vetrone / marmin / billet / lantignac: a 5 pieces-electric-band. The forthcoming show at Europavox festival (June 6, 2008) will be a special one, part of a 'Nuit Folk': we'll be a Quartet : manchion / vetrone / martel / thomas, so 3 guitars and 1 vibraphone, plus some special-guests but it's a surprise...
About / Permanent Fatal Error is a project since 2002 by Olivier Manchion: Ulan Bator founder member, Faust long time collaborator, Damo Suzuki's Network, French Doctors, Bias! (woth Xabier Iriondo),... Also performed or recorded during the last years with Sleaze Art (Kasper T. Toeplitz), Heldon (Richard Pinhas, Norman Spinrad, Maurice G. Dantec,...), That Summer (prod. by Bern Jestram of Tarwater), Osaka Bondage, Ron Anderson (Molecules, Pak...).... After the release of the first album 'Law Speed' and gigs with the band (Musiques volantes fest Metz FR, Paris nouveau casino, Milano cox18 IT, ...) or as duo (Pop Montreal festival CAN) and solo performances (Santarcangelo and Nobodaddy festivals IT, Scala London UK, Paris nouveau Casino FR...) , Olivier performed again (2005-2007) with Ulan Bator, Faust, Damo Suzuki,... Recently made the choice to concentrate on PFE as main project.
Discography Permanent Fatal Error
→ 2004 Law Speed CD album (wallace, ruminance, klangbad)
Olivier Manchion Main discography
2007 Faust "Trial & error" 1 Dvd. 45/indigo
2007 Faust "In autumn" 3 CDs + 1 Dvd. Uk tour. dirter
2005 Bias! "Bias!" ep-CD with xabier iriondo. wallace records
2005 Damo Suzuki's Network "Hollyaris" CD2 live. 45/indigo
2005 Faust "Collectif Metz" 3 CDs. art-errorist
2004 Permanent Fatal Error "Law Speed" CD. wallace records/klangbad/ruminance
2002 Ulan Bator "ok:ko" CD album live stage/studio. audioglobe
2000 Ulan Bator "ego:echo" CD album prod. michael gira. sonica/young god rec/dsa
2000 Heldon "Only real is chaos" 2CDs album. wagram
2000 Ulan Bator "d-construction" ep-CD remixs by otomo, scanner, erikm, carlstone. dsa
2000 Ulan Bator "echo#5" 45rpm. ruminance
1997 Ulan Bator "vegetale" CD album. dsa/c.p.i
1996 Ulan Bator "ursula minor" 45rpm feat. quentin rollet
1996 Ulan Bator "polaire" CD compilation. c.p.i./mercury it
1996 Ulan Bator "2" (2 Degrees) ep-CD album. dsa
1995 Ulan Bator "ulan bator" CD album. dsa

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Permanent fatal error
2008 JUN 06 FR Clermont-Ferrand — Europavox fest.
2008 MAY 07 FR Lyon — Nuits-sonores fest.
2008 MAY 06 FR Grenoble — La Bobine
2008 FEB 02 IT Cavriago (re) — Calamita
Damo Suzuki & French Doctors feat. olivier
2008 OCT 08-15 FRANCE — Tour under construction
Damo Suzuki's Network feat. olivier
2008 OCT 04 IT Piacenza — For sale
2008 JAN 19 IT Cavriago (re) — Calamita
Rhys Chatham feat. olivier
2008 MAR 27 IT Ravenna — Bronson
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